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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Instructional Design Competencies

I do start with content but only after my class has had a period of what we call 'front loading'. Front loading is the children's chance to explore the central idea which in my Radio company's UOI, is "Effective communities are managed by responsible citizens". Once the students have had a chance to make sense of this statement (we used our own school as the prime example of an organization) then we looked at the lines of inquiry which were:

• Roles & responsibilities in organisational structures.
• What makes the community effective?
• Resolving conflict in small communities.

To address this we brainstormed our company's name, mission statement, jobs and job descriptions for JPEG Radio.

We will further explore these inquiries when we visit a real radio company next week. We will even get to have some on air time.

So how effective will these experiences be? I must make continuous assessment or formative assessment. I will observe how my students cope with inquiring at the radio station, applying for a company job, learning how to do that job and how to work together to produce a series of broadcasts. My students will also write reflections about these experiences.

Sounds complicated? Not always. My class has one last UOI to do before the end of this school year. It's all about wants and needs. I have recently been made aware that about 90% (unbelievable but true!) of my Grade 3 class can't ride a two wheel bike yet! I'm thinking that maybe we will learn to ride a bike! Would you agree that knowing how to ride a bike would be considered as a child's basic need? Of course I will need to investigate further. I would like to integrate it into the sport program.

Hmm ... a Bike Trek would be fun to organize too.