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Thursday, March 20, 2008

What I think Instructional Design is:

I’m sorry to be a bit of a late starter in this course. I have just finished the 3rd Quarter at my school and was involved in the Easter Celebration yesterday. Now I have a short break in which I intend to catch up.

What I think Instructional Design is:

Looking at the guiding statements I think that Instructional Design means a learning experience that is planned and tailor made to suit a class of students. I feel that it is what I do already as a teacher.

An example of this would be:

At my school we use the inquiry process. We have to make a plan for each Unit of Inquiry. During a school year we must complete 6 units, which focus on different subject areas. I am currently planning my next UOI (Unit of Inquiry) that is based on the theme “How We Organize Ourselves”. The 6 themes have been determined by the IBO. Every time I start a new theme, I must start with what I predict my final or summative assessment will focus on. As I am just starting a new UOI I'll use it as an example.

I am planning for my class to become a company – an Internet radio company. The assessment will be based around the students’ ability to work together to produce a series of broadcasts. My formative assessment will be partly based on checklists and partly anecdotal. As the educator I must lead the inquiry by determining what my students already know and design a series of experiences to lead them to what I need them to understand. The IBO encourages the use of Primary resources over Secondary so we will visit a local radio station to inquire about how the company is run.

Part of the learning process will be the formation of the company itself with students applying for a job by way of a formal application and interview. We have already chosen the name of JPEG Radio and you can see our blog at